How to Address Psychosocial Challenges in the Workplace

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Dealing with psychosocial challenges in any workplace is not easy.

Post Covid lockdowns, HR professionals, leaders and managers may find it even more challenging.

We’re hearing that many HR professionals have become the 'Company Counsellor' and this is not a role that they were ever trained to do.

I really want to help, so I've decided to run this webinar to address the challenges that you have told me you are struggling with the most.

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I am going to cover how you can:

  • Better manage expectations around flexible work arrangements
  • Help your people to cope with constructive feedback
  • Improve staff engagement and reduce presenteeism
  • Lift the energy in your workplace
  • Provide appropriate support to staff with known mental health concerns
  • Self-care for you as a professional dealing with other people’s challenges Identify and manage trauma in the work environment (personal or work related)

Meet Kerry

Your trainer, Kerry Howard, is a best selling author, psychologist and EMDR Consultant. Kerry's latest book 'The Trouble With Trauma' outlines why trauma isn't actually just the big 'T' challenges that psychology recognises as Trauma, it is all of the challenges that we experience in life that threaten our connections.

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